Poor Filter Bag Maintenance has Many Consequences in the Work Place

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A lower efficiency to bag filters can often be traced to a lack of preventive maintenance. Many companies make the mistake that because production schedules are being met that all the machinery and support equipment are running as they should. Industrial filters not only need to be changed at their recommended frequency but the supply going to them requires attention as well. Clogged filters have a heightened potential to rip. Should this occur, the cease of operations costs not only money but clients as well. Now is the time to put in place a rigorous plan for frequent scheduled and inspection of all your filters.

Empty and Inspect Debris

Not only should bag filters be emptied on a regular basis but an inspection of their contents is prudent. A dramatic change of the amount of debris without increased usage or time should be investigated in the collection pathways before the machine. Less is often worse than more as system integrity could be compromised. Increased moisture levels can lead to caking or a change in the PH levels. Either condition increases the potential to rip and lead to catastrophic failure resulting in a cease of operations.

Air Supply

The path from the source all the way to the outlet needs to be traced and inspected on a regular basis. Proper fan speed and rotation must be noted. Sagging duct work means an out of the ordinary accumulation that needs to be addressed. Baffles should be confirmed to be in their proper place. Lubrication schedules for all moving parts must be adhered to. Air supply lines and gauges should be consulted for potential plugging. Finally, the compressor tank has to be checked for moisture. The key is to maintain recommended operation. Once a portion of the system becomes overworked, impending failure becomes a greater hazard in a much shorter period of time.

After attending to the needs of your filtration system, it is important that the filter is dry after cleaning. A final scan has to be done for slight tears in the bag. Confirmation of proper air flow has to be confirmed before all systems go into operation again. Bag filters are a blessing to our industry as they greatly reduce both immediate and long term costs. By properly adhering to the preventive maintenance plan, smooth operations are maintained with extended lifetime of the support equipment. There are no excuses for missing such a simple activity that greatly prevents the potential of decreased efficiency in the workplace.

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