How to find an eco-friendly Roofing Materials Supplier

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If you own a house and want to replace the roof, you should consider an eco-friendly roofing materials supplier. When doing so, not only will you enjoy quality products, but you can do your part to protect the planet. However, when choosing a supplier, don’t find a random one. No, you will want to ask questions and understand what the supplier offers. With this in mind, here is a short guide on how to find an eco-friendly roofing materials supplier at

Consider your options: First and foremost, if you want roofing supplies, you need to know what you want and need. In Canada, you will obviously want materials that are both strong and long-lasting. Otherwise, if you buy cheap or flimsy material, you will deal with issues when the long and brutal winters hit your roof. The greenest option is to buy shingles created from old materials such as plastic, rubber or wood fiber. Don’t worry, your roof will still look amazing and plenty of manufacturers still provide long-term warranties to clients.

Beauty: While recycled materials are great for some, you may live in an expensive home and still want something nicer. Luckily, you can find wood shingles and shakes. Currently, this is an excellent choice as it’s non-toxic and it doesn’t take much energy to produce trees. However, old-growth logging is unsustainable, and you can help the environment if you buy roofing materials with reclaimed wood. Not only can you show off your roof with this, but you will have a cool story to tell as people will appreciate the history. The downside with this is that you will have a difficult time if you live in the countryside as a fire can easily take down your roof.

Find a quality provider: After you decide what you want from the roofing supplies, you will want to find a quality supplier in your area. Whether you want recycled materials or new ones, you will help your cause greatly if you choose a local company with an excellent reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. Luckily, once you find a provider offering quality supplies, you can buy them without fear. Government of Canada explains about Environmental Certification Programs here.

When you want to find eco-friendly roofing supplies, you first need to know what you want. Then, you will want to think of the long-term implications of your purchase. Finally, once you decide, you can buy the supplies without any issues.

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