The Environmental Benefits of Using Screw Plug Heaters

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Screw plug heaters are a type of immersion heater designed for installation in a container or tank. Unlike flanged immersion heaters (which are intended for a pressurized environment) screw plug heaters installed via a threaded opening in the container’s wall or through a pipe coupling. This kind of heater is gradually becoming a more popular tool for heating liquids in tanks and other vessels. These heaters may be used to heat any liquid or gas including oil or asphalt, but they are most often used to heat water. Immersion heaters heat the liquids by being immersed in them. Their method of operation allows them to provide certain benefits, including:

Energy Efficiency
Immersion heaters are known for their efficiency. Being directly submerged means that immersion heaters use less energy to raise the temperature of the liquid; heat is transferred almost immediately so that not as much fossil fuel is needed to get the liquid up to the desired temperature. When paired with mechanical or digital temperature control systems, these devices allow target temperatures to be reached with a high degree of precision.

• Versatile
Immersion heaters can be used to heat different types of liquid so there is no need to have multiple heaters since a single device can be detached and used to heat liquids in other containers. Fewer devices means that there is less waste that will wind up in a landfill once the device is no longer usable.

• Long Lifespan
Traditional heaters must be replaced frequently, especially if they are heavily used. Screw plug immersion heaters last much longer, even when used constantly and in extreme conditions. They are durable because they have to do less work to deliver the same results. Their durability means that they do not wind up in landfills as often as traditional heaters.

• Low Maintenance
Aside from occasional inspection and cleaning of the the heating rod, immersion heaters do not require a lot of maintenance. Traditional heaters will require parts to be replaced on a relatively frequent basis, especially if they are heavily used; the parts that no longer work will likely wind up in a landfill.

• Clean Electrical Power
Screw plug immersion heaters are powered by electricity, which means that they produce no emissions and are therefore more environmentally friendly than other types of heaters.

Along with their environmental benefits, screw plug immersion heaters are safer since they are contained within a tank. If they are being used with volatile liquids, their containment minimizes the risks to employee safety in the event of a fire. Screw plug heaters have applications in a wide range of settings including the food and beverage industry where they may be used to heat cooking oils and/or water.

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