Compacting Trash For More Green

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The average American produces some four pounds of trash per day. This includes everything from food scraps to furniture. This is a lot of trash that will have to go somewhere. Most responsible people have already begun to sort out their recycling. This will cut the amount of trash going into land fills. Many others have begun to compost their food waste for use in the lawn or garden. A final step in reducing the impact of trash from the home is the use of trash and cardboard compactors. Check more tips online

What is a Trash Compactor?
Traditionally a trash compactor is a large and clunky device. They were mostly used by institutions such as schools or restaurants. They were smelly and required special maintenance. Today’s compactors and Waste compaction are small enough to fit under a kitchen counter top. They are designed to be easy to clean, with low or no oder.

How Will a Trash Compactor Help in the Home?
A trash compactor uses extremely high pressure to turn bulky items into tidy sized cubes. Materials such as polystyrene can be reduced in volume 30 times. Paper trash, food items and other materials are almost always reduced by at least half. Over time this will save a lot of space in landfills.

Many people have to pay by the bag for home trash removal. Not only are trash compactors green, they allow a household to save some green. By compressing trash to a smaller size, more trash can then be placed inside a city bag. Over the course of a few months, a trash compactor can more than pay for itself in most households.

Small Business Benefits
Small businesses often find themselves running on thin profit margins. Cutting costs is a high priority. If a business person wishes to save some money while doing their part to cut waste, a trash and cardboard compactor is a fine way to do both. Restaurants and corner stores in particular will benefit from installing a powerful trash compactor on their premises.

Quick, Clean and Efficient
A modern trash and cardboard compactor is made to fit seamlessly into a modern lifestyle. Whether you are installing a small unit into your home or a larger unit into a commercial building, it will improve your trash output. Use it to compact all recyclable items but glass for more convenient storage and transport. Use it to compact trash to save both money and landfill space. The Earth will thank you.

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