How Can a High Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Improve a Building’s Air Quality?

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Buying a high efficiency vacuum cleaner for your home is a great way to keep it clean without wasting electricity and increasing utility bills. At the same time, a high efficiency vacuum cleaner helps you to avoid allergic reactions due to plant pollen and pet dander. This is because of the specialized filter that suctions debris without allowing it to circulate back into the air of a building. Originally, HEPA or high efficiency particulate air filters were designed to create a more hygienic environment in medical facilities such as hospitals and physician’s offices to reduce the transmission of contagious viruses and bacteria.

Removes Allergens
Manufacturers of cleaning equipment realized the value of a high efficiency vacuum cleaner to keep a private residence sanitized better. Because people spend the majority of their time at home, removing allergens from carpeting can prevent uncomfortable symptoms such as chronic coughing or runny noses. Modern HEPA filtering technology has improved to the point where nearly 100 percent of particles are captured as air passes through a high efficiency vacuum cleaner’s filter. This means that your family is breathing air that is almost free of particles that cause allergies.

HEPA Regulations
Each geographic region has set its own regulations concerning the percentage of particulates that a vacuum cleaner advertised as a high efficiency appliance can have. When shopping for a high efficiency vacuum cleaner, the item should have a label stating it meets the standards set by an energy agency. While buying this appliance, you should also determine if it uses disposable or washable filters. Most high efficiency vacuum cleaners have disposable filters because that option is more affordable and easier to maintain. If you have never used a HEPA sweeper to vacuum carpets and floors, then you will be amazed at the amount of debris it collects.

Change Filters
As dirt is suctioned by a high efficiency vacuum cleaner, nearly all of the air passes through the filter, leading to a filter filled with debris. It is likely that in the first few weeks of vacuuming a home, you will need to replace the filter multiple times. After the buildup of debris is suctioned and thrown away, you can vacuum less often. Everyone in the family will begin to notice fewer health symptoms caused by poor air quality and dust particles as a result of using a high efficiency vacuum cleaner.

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