Benefits of Donating Unwanted Clothing

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Whether you have growing children, have lost or gained weight, or have just decided to upgrade your wardrobe, you can quickly find that you have a pile of unwanted clothing that you no longer need. There are a number of benefits to be gained by donating these items for both yourself, your community, and the environment.

Helping Yourself
Unwanted clothing results in unnecessary clutter, and this can cause you to lose your efficiency and is highly disruptive. By spending an afternoon on the weekend going through the clothes you no longer wear, you can make new room in your wardrobe for the clothes you actually do wear. Not to mention, you can save yourself time every morning as you will no longer have to sift through unwanted clothes to find something to wear for the day.

Making the donation can actually put some money back in your pocket when tax time rolls around. As you prepare items for donation, make a detailed list, and obtain a receipt from the nonprofit organization you donate to. Just as you can with a monetary donation, donated clothing items can often be deducted from your taxes. It is a good idea to take a picture of the items as they are often required to be in good condition, and this can prove helpful if questioned by the IRS.

Helping Your Community
While you no longer need certain items of clothing, there are those out there who are less fortunate, and they would likely gladly accept these unwanted items. Every year, nonprofit organizations make it possible for thousands of people to gain the ability to maintain their basic needs, and you can contribute to the well-being of your community when you donate your unwanted articles of clothing. Among the charitable organizations you can contact to arrange a donation include:

Salvation Army
The Vietnam Veterans of America

Many of these organizations can even make arrangements to come to you to pick up the items you wish to donate.

Helping the Environment

Every year, the average American disposes of around 70 pounds of clothing. This results in quadrillions of pounds of unwanted clothing piling up in landfills across the country. With the benefits to be gained both personally and in the community, it is common sense that donating unwanted clothing is the right choice, and it reduces your carbon footprint in the process.

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