Why You Should Always Have a Protection Plan for Your EnergyStar Furnace

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Something to consider having is a protection plan for your EnergyStar furnace. These plans cover all or some of the costs of maintenance and repairs. Some even have benefits like emergency service. There are several reasons why you should always have an EnergyStar furnace protection plan that you can check online.

Reduce the Cost of Repairs
The first reason to always have a protection plan is to reduce the cost of repairs. Repairs to your furnace can range from replacing a small part to overhauling the entire unit. The cost of these repairs can be massive especially during the winter when you need service fast. Many of the protection plans available today for EnergyStar furnaces include the cost of labor and parts in the premium. Others just reduce the cost. The result is that you can avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for repairs by buying a protection plan for your furnace.

Get Same Day Service
If a furnace breaks down, then that likely means it is very cold outside. You need to have your furnace repaired fast so that you stay comfortable and so that the pipes in your house do not freeze. A protection plan is no good if it takes weeks or longer for a repair technician to arrive. This is why most protection plans offer same day service when you have problems with your EnergyStar furnace. A technician will be out to assess and repair the problem the same day that you call. Your protection plan can give you peace of mind that you will not be sitting in the cold if your furnace stops working.

Call for Help at Any Time
Another benefit of having a protection plan for your EnergyStar furnace is that there are usually call centers available if you need help. Your furnace could stop working at any time of the day or night. You want to know that a technician is on the way as soon as possible. Your protection plan will allow you to call for help at any time. You can make a service request in the middle of the night if necessary. Although a technician might not come out until the next morning, you will know that someone is on the way.

Extend the Life of Your Furnace
A good protection plan allows you to make unlimited service calls. Some even cover annual maintenance and inspections. This allows you to call whenever a problem starts to appear. This will extend the life of your EnergyStar furnace. Constant maintenance will keep the furnace in good working order so that the core system does not wear down as quickly.

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