Bioenergy “Centre of Information”


The BioenergyPartnership consolidate information of businesses, academic institutions and government and organizations involved in the bioenergy sector in Canada. There, leaders in information about the bioenergy from business, government, organizations, academia and financial sectors gathered to discuss proven and emerging technologies, critical success factors for the growth of the industry, the role of partnerships, and the strategic importance of strengthening the bioenergy cluster across to Canada in order to deliver important and relevant topics. The goal is to develop a bioenergy “centre of information” for Canada by driving the growth of the bioenergy sector. Our success will be measured byRead More

Compacting Trash For More Green


The average American produces some four pounds of trash per day. This includes everything from food scraps to furniture. This is a lot of trash that will have to go somewhere. Most responsible people have already begun to sort out their recycling using compaction equipment. This will cut the amount of trash going into land fills. Many others have begun to compost their food waste for use in the lawn or garden. A final step in reducing the impact of trash from the home is the use of trash and cardboard compactors.

How Can a High Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Improve a Building’s Air Quality?


Buying a high efficiency vacuum cleaner for your home is a great way to keep it clean without wasting electricity and increasing utility bills. At the same time, a high efficiency vacuum cleaner helps you to avoid allergic reactions due to plant pollen and pet dander. This is because of the specialized filter that suctions debris without allowing it to circulate back into the air of a building. Visit online .

How to find an eco-friendly Roofing Materials Supplier


If you own a house and want to replace the roof, you should consider an eco-friendly roofing supplies Toronto. When doing so, not only will you enjoy quality products, but you can do your part to protect the planet. However, when choosing a supplier, don’t find a random one. No, you will want to ask questions and understand what the supplier offers. With this in mind, here is a short guide on how to find an eco-friendly roofing materials supplier.